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Property services

Property services

Property services with PSSM is comprehensive. We provide  sales, lettings and investment services.

Our services are holistic in approach and we often go beyond the call of duty to ensure both the landlord and tenants are happy.

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Property Services
Property Services


How many estate agents should I use?

When you sell your home, you have to decide how many estate agents you want to use. In particular, should you get one, two or more to work for you? What you decide will affect how much you pay in fees – and how much you get for your home

The basics

You can have one, two or more agents working for you. They can be:
sole agent
multiple agents

Generally, the more agents you get working for you, the more
potential buyers you will reach, and potentially the higher the offers you will get – but you will pay higher fees. The best approach
depends on what type of property you have, and the state of the
market:  if there is a glut of properties on the market, with few buyers, it can make more sense to have multiple agents
if there are few properties on the market, but lots of eager buyers, then a sole agent is probably best

Having a sole agent can save you money, since sole agents will generally agree to act for a lower commission (typically 1% to 1.5% + VAT) because it is more certain they will get it than under a multiple agency agreement. This is what we will charge our clients for our exceptional services.

Multiple agency agreements
Appointing “multiple agents” is the big-bang, quick-sell option
Under a multiple agency agreement, you have three or more agents all acting for you at the same time. Basically, you are putting the house on the market with everyone
Only the agency who actually makes the sale gets the commission, and the others get nothing – so they are all competing with each other. This can make the sales process quite frenetic
Multiple agency agreements attract the highest fees – typically 2.5% or 3% +VAT. We at Property Services SM will not charge you more.

We can accomodate all your property and land needs.